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Featured Artist

Ben Collungues

Artist Statement

Ben Collongues (they/he) is a queer, transmasc artist from the vibrant Greater Bulbancha/New Orleans area. As a self-taught photographer, Ben's lens captures the essence of life through the intersecting realms of lifestyle, landscape, and documentary photography. Their work serves as a powerful conduit, centering their own experiences within the queer community while striving to amplify the visibility of the trans* community.

GEMINI represents a remarkable milestone in Ben Collongues' artistic journey, marking their debut in the realm of gallery exhibitions. Within this collection, viewers are granted a glimpse into Ben's profound portraiture, introspective self-portraiture, captivating travel photography, and compelling collaborative work. Paying homage to their sun sign, Gemini, and its ruler, Mercury, the collection embodies a rich tapestry of imagery.

Through the lens of Gemini's duality and Mercury's ethereal influence, Ben Collongues' photography transcends mere visual representation, evoking introspection and inviting viewers on a transformative journey through the realms of identity, expression, and the allure of the human experience.

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